Friday, April 20, 2007

Dwell Magazine


After approaching the Editors of Dwell Magazine ( in late summer of last year, I heard from them regarding my interest in contributing an article to them about life in small spaces. Their current issue, May 2007, is out on stands now and features an article about my past year of living in an eight foot by eight foot room.

It is a real pleasure to be a featured contributor to one of my favorite magazines. Please pick up a copy if you see it. It is nice to draw attention to the living conditions that so many volunteers for overseas service and to recignize that, no matter the size, it is home.

-From Kabul


Blogger Deborah said...

Major Strong, the latest issue of Dwell arrived in my mailbox last night and I loved not just what you've done with your small space but that you sent it to Dwell (I love the Dwell mag lying on the top of the bookcase). I've posted it on our office bulletin board, and wish you the very best.

10:25 AM  

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