Thursday, April 05, 2007

Independence Day Parade...practice

Every year the Afghanistan National Security Forces, whether Army or Police, conduct a massive parade ceremony to commemorate their independence for Soviet occupation and independent rule. The parade practice takes a lot of time and effort as the officers, sergeants and Soldiers, want to make as positive an impression as possible to their country and to the world. COL Jim Lyman and I were invited by ANA Brig. Gen. Wardak to witness some of the rehearsal for the event downtown, alongside the senior leadership of the Afghan National Army. It reminded me of the parades we used to perform in the Berlin Brigade, whether U.S., British, French or Communist. Designed to demonstrate to the world our power and discipline. It was an incredible thing to see, thousands of Afghans marching downtown, proud, disciplined and organized. The actual parade will be within the month. We have also been invited to witness the event live. In the picture above, you can see the moon setting beneath the "Great Wall" of Kabul, high along the peaks surrounding the city. Built in 425 CE, the wall was built by Kabul-Shahan, as a defensive perimeter around the city to prevent eventual eventual Arab attacks. In the image below, the reviewing officers salute the Afghan National Colors as they pass in review.


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