Sunday, March 11, 2007

Angleterre vs. France (RUGBY)

It is Rugby Season and the big game for Camp Alamo is England versus France. We planned the event so that our French counterparts would return to Alamo for the evening's activities, near beer, Ghurka Cury plates and a widescreen viewing of the match. And what a game it was.

By the first half, France was up 12-9, but the second half was a quick-paced Enlighs defeat of the French. All this in a room of French and English Soldiers and Marines. The best part of the entire night was witnessing the opening of the game, with each room full of French and British singing their National Anthems.

During the game I had everyone present sign our official game ball (the same as used in teh match), with the winner signing in Silver Ink (Lt. Col. Charles Newitt had the honors).
A great match and a great night.

From Kabul


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