Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ich schreibe aus Deutschland

I have landed in Germany. It is nice to be here again. Still remains such an elgantly managed country. the view from above has always implied the "ordnung und rex" with every village and town, so beautifully integrated into the landscape. We have only been here for about 45 minutes and are alredy getting paged to re-board. That is nice as it means we are that much closer to our destination.

Mein Deutsch is nicht so gut, aber ich can ein bichen gesprache. (...???!)

Will write more once I am further.


Blogger PatriotDream said...

You are either enroute or will have arrived in Afghanistan as I write this. It is the July 4th, Independence Day long week-end. We have celebrated and will continue to celebrate this free nation because we have had and continue to have, Americans such as yourself and those with whom you travel and will fight, who were willing to step forward and be counted in difficult times. I wish to express my profound gratitude for you and this generation of "the brave". God bless and keep you.

7:51 AM  

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